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که غواړی د پښتو ليکل په ويندوز کی پکار یوسی نو دلته ټک وکړي

اگر میخواهيد نوشته نمودن دری را در ویندوز فعال نماييد اينجا را فشار بدهيد

                                                                                                                                                                  How you can activate Pashto and Dari Keyboard in Windows XP. Read here


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Fonts Problem


If you cannot view Pushtu on this site download Pashto font. After download install it and then revisit this page. download now

Note:You may need to download and install Windows XP update from Microsoft to enable "Pahsto(Afghanistan)" keyboard layout
for information click here or to install it click here

Hinweis:Um den Pushtu Inhalt diese Seite betrachten zu koennen, benoetigen Sie “Pushtu Schriftart” , jetzt herunterladen. Ausserdem um die "Pushtu (Afghanistan)" Tastatur zu aktivieren installiern Sie Microsoft Windows XP Update. Für Installation klicken Sie hier oder lesen Sie wieter information
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