Note: The list of the new Cabenet members annaunced on 23 Mach 2006 will be soon presented here.

Short Biographies of Afghanistan new Cabinet members
25. December 2004, 19:31
Source: Office of the Spokesman of President (OSP)

President: Hamid Karzai

First Vice President: Ahmad Zia Masood

Second Vice President: Abdul Karim Khalili 

List of the 27 members of the new Afghan Cabinet announced Thursday in the Afghan capital, with name, position and ethnicity.




Border Affairs Minister

Abdul karim Barahawi


Energy Minister

Alhaj Mohammad Ismael


Interior Minister

Ali Ahmad Jalali   Resigned on 27.09.2005


Higher Education Minister

Dr. Ameer Shah Hasanyaar


Foreign Minister

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah


Minister of Foreign Affairs

Dr. Rangin Dadfar Spanta


Communications Minister

Dr. AmirZai Sangeen


Transport Minister

Dr. Enayatullah Qasemi


Women's Affairs Minister

Dr. Masooda Jalal


Economy Minister

Dr. Mir Mohammad Amin Farhang


Refugees Minister

Dr. Mohammmad Azam Dadfar


Information and Culture Minister

Dr. Sayed Makhdoom Raheen


National Security Adviser

Dr. Zalmai Rasool


Public Works Minister

Eng. Suhrab Ali Safari


Counternarcotics Minister

Engineer Habibullah Qaderi


Defense Minister

General Ab. Raheem Wardag


Rural Development Minister

Haneef Atmar


Commerce Minister

Hidayat Amin Arsala


Mines and Industries Minister

Mir Mohammad Sediq


Public Health Minister

Mohmmad Amin Fatemi


Minister of Haj and Islamic Affairs

Nematullah Shahraani


Education Minister

Noor Mohammad Qarqeen


Agriculture and Food Minister

Obaidullah Rameen


Finance Minister

Professor Dr. Anwaar-ul-Haq Ahadi


Justice Minister

Sarwar Danish


Social and Labor Minister

Sayed Ikramuddin Masoomi


Martyrs and the Disabled Minister

Sediqa Balkhi


Urban Development Minister

Yusuf Pashtun


Minister of Interior Affiars     Ali Ahmad Jalali   Resigned on 27.09.2005

A U.S. citizen since 1987, Ali Ahmad Jalali left his job as a broadcaster for VOA in February 2002 to become the Interior Minister of Afghanistan. Prior to joining the Afghan government, Jalali lived with his family in suburban Maryland. His family remains there, and his children continue to attend Prince George's County schools. Jalali, a former employee of the U.S. government, is a longtime student of military organization. He was for several years a top military planner with the Afghan resistance against the Soviets. He has written extensively about the Afghan military for scholarly journals and the mass media, in addition to reporting on Afghanistan and Central Asia for VOA for almost two decades.

Jalali wrote an influential critique in the spring of 2002 of the U.S. military role in Afghanistan, arguing that the way the United States used local chieftains in the war on terrorism "enhanced the power of the warlords and encouraged them to defy the central authorities." He later softened his criticism but pointed out that local militias still play a significant role in working with the U.S. military.

Minister of Public Works   Eng. Suhrab Ali Safari

Suhrab Ali Safari s/o Haji Safar was born on July 5th, 1945 in Behsood District of Maidan Wardag Province. He did his primary education in his district and secondary and higher secondary education in Kabul city and Technology Intsitute of Afghan in 1957. From 1961 to 1965 in Enginnering faculty og Kabul university and from 1977 to 1982 earned the doctorate degree from Godseng Poly Technique in Poland.
He is fluent in Dari, Pashto, English and Polish and knows a little German.


 Minister of Martyrs and Disabled   Sediqa Balkhi  

Sediqa Balkhi daughter of Sayed Ismaeel was born in 1329 in a religious and educated family and has earned bachelors degree in Islamic Studies.
She also followed religious studies in Iran during the years of migration. Both in Afghanistan and in the migration Environment besides teaching and working as a manager she has made endeavors for enlightenment of the mentality of people, she was also involved in fighting the Soviet invssion through publishing articles and holding seminars. She has made endeavors for providing the young generation of Afghan refugees with education and providing the vulnerable women and girls with a business.

Minister of Information and Culture   Doctor Sayed Makhdoom Raheen 

Dr. Sayed Makhdoom Raheen was born in 1325 in Kabul city.

After graduation in Afghanistan, he went to Tehraan to get his Masters and Doctorate degrees, and got his PhD from Tehran University in 1352. Afterwards, he served as a lecturer in Kabul university. Then he was the director of Arts and Culture of Information and Culture ministry.

Dr. Raheen was one of the members of the drafting of constitution during presidency of Daud Khan, and participated in the Loya Jirga of year 1356, after the Coup of Saur he was under inspection in his own house.
After the Soviet invasion he migrated to Pakistan, and made endeavors for the unity of Mujahiddin. After the foundation of Islamic Unity of Afghanistan- made of moderate parties- he was a member of the high council and the Director of Cultural Committee, he was the Director of Radio Free Kabul, transmitted by Mujahiddin from 1371 to 1373.
During the interim government of Hazrat Mujadiddi he was a special advisor.
The poet and popular writer Dr. Raheen has carried out many research works in the arenas of culture, Literature, Hisotry and Islamic Orders.
He has written many essays from which some have been published. From his books we can name the Works of Sayed Jamaluddin Afghani, Research about Ameer Khosrow Dehlawai and Relation of Afghanistan in Subcontinent from past times to the seventh century. His works during Jihad include Ashk e Khurassan, Aza daran, Resonding to Khalili and Today's Muslim (Pashto) which were published by his own endeavors.
In 19988 he was leading the National, Islamic Movement with some scholars and Jihadi commanders.
He founded the Peace and Democracy Association for Afghanistan with the help of some Afghan intellectuals in 1375, and was the Director of the named Association.
In 1377 he was accepted as a member of the executive committee of Loya Jirga in Rome and participated in all the activities concerning Loya Jirga till the Bonn conference was held. He had visits to Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Iran and Tajikistan to explain the objective of the emergency Loya Jirga but still was the Director of the Peace and democracy Association.
He was appointed as the Minister of Information and Culture during the interim government and still is there as the Minister.
He was elected as the Director of the Council of Kabul residents in September 2003. He was given a medal of freedom of expression and culture by the Father of the Nation in 2004.

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Minister of Public Health     Mohmmad Amin Fatemi  

Dr. Mohd.Amin Fatemi was born on Jan 15th, 1952 in Ningarhar. In 1347 he graduated from Habibia High School and earned his medical diploma of MD from Ningarhar medical college in 1977. He also participated in the advance academic program in Bonn, Germany and has the STD document from The High Institute of Public Management in Karachi; he has a certificate in health care and one in the "new ways for health policy in developing countries" from the Boston University the US in 1995.
He has served as a doctor in Badakhshan, teacher in Kabul public health Institute and member of the health awareness department, founder and in charge of the education program of IRC, founder and Director of the programs of Mujahiddin's unity, member of the advisory board of the Health Ministry in the interim government of Mujahiddin, and deputy minister and first deputy of the public health ministry. He was the Public Health Minister from 1993 to 1995.
He was a temporary advisor of WHO in Geneva, Switzerland and and the Mediterranean countries, permanent advisor of WHO for the eat Mediterranean countries, and from 1992 to 1994 a member of the executive board of WHO, from 1991 to 2001 he was a member of the Board of the Medical Services Development for Afghans, a member of the board of the Ladies hospital for Afghan Refugees, member of the "Order of Good Time" in Canada, he has participated in many academic conferences and is the author of Health Care, Right and Wrong use of the Medicines, and First Aid.


Minister of Higher Education     Doctor Ameer Shah Hasanyaar    

Dr. ameer Shah Hasanyaar s/o Ghula Hasan was born in Panjab District of Bamyan province in 1321. He has finished secondary and higher secondary education in Ibn e Seena and Agriculture School, and earned bachelors degree from Kabul Agricultural University. He has masters in ecology from the Governmental University of New York in the Us AND HAS Doctorate in Agriculture from the Colorado University of the US.
He has served as:
From 1344 to 1351 lecturer in Education Faculty of Kabul University
From 1351 to 1371 Lecturer in Agriculture Faculty of Kabul university
From 1371 to 1375 Director of Kabul University
He is the author of 8 text books for the student and many research articles.
He is a member of Educational Council of Kabul University, Grand Council of Protecting Islamic System in Afghanistan. He is also a member of the cultural council of the Information and Culture Ministry.

Minister of Defense   General Ab. Raheem Wardag  

Ab. Raheem Wardag son of Ab. Ghani was born in Wardag province in 1323 and after graduation from Habibia High School joined the Cadet University.
His professional field of study is in Methodic Education of Parachute, Commando and wireless. He has further studies in the United States and Ali Naser Academy of Cairo in Egypt.
He has served as a lecturer in Cadet University, Assistant of Protocol of Defense Ministry and during the years of migration as the military assistant of Muhaz-e-Milli, he was the military assistant of the tri-lateral unity, a member of Itehad-e-Mujahiddin, and commander of the Jihadi fronts of Muhaz-e-Milli. After the fall of communist regime he was a member of the security committee of Kabul City, Chief of the Army Staff, and Director of the Military Officers Society, Director of Education Commission, member of the rehabilitation of the National Army Commission, Deputy Defense Minister, Director of Disarmament Program and Director of Reform of National Army. He has many literal works in Dar, Pashto and English.

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Minister of Justice     Sarwar Danish  

Sarwar Danish Son of Mohammad Ali was born in a religious family in 1340 in daikundi Province. His primary education was in the local school but has done his higher education in Iraq, Syria and Iran.
The degrees he has earned are as follows: Bachelors in Law, certificate in journalism, Bachelors in Islamic Culture and Education, Masters in Islamic feqah and PhD (not completed yet) in the same field.
15 different books have comprised the result of the academic work of Mr. Danish. Besides books some 700 hundred of his essays have also been published in the publications of the country. And from 1361 to 1380 he had been the in charge of different publications.
He has done the following services yet:
Membership and active participation in the emergency Loya Jirga of Jawza 1381, membership of the constitution drafting commission through a decree by the president, participation in the constitutional Loya Jirga, from the beginning of this year after Daikundi was announced to be a province he was appointed as the first governor of the named province.

Minister of Agriculture and Food       Obaidullah Rameen  

Obaidullah Rameen was born on Meezan 7th, 1331 in Baghlan Province. He was a student of Khost and Fereng High School for Primary and Secondary Education and graduated from Baghlan High School.
He earned his Bachelors degree from Kabul University in 1355 and from 1356 to 1357 he studied in the Agriculture promoting Bank.
He was an inspector in Agricultural Bank from 1354 to 1357, Director of the Banks' Cooperative from 1360 to 1362 and Director in Promoting Bank from 1382 to 1383. He was also the Director of " Center of Traders and crafts workers" NGO and the acting Director of "Agricultural Unity of Afghanistan".

Minister of Economy       Dr. Mir Mohammad Amin Farhang 

Dr. Mir Mohammad Amin Farhang son of Mir Mohammad Sediq Farhang was born in an educated family in Kabul in the year 1940.
He graduated from Esteqlal High School in 1959 and earned Bachelors degree in economics from Kabul University. He earned Masters Degree from Köln University in Germany. He also earned the Doctorate degree in Economical Development from the same university.
From 1974 to 1978 he was a professor in Economics Faculty of Kabul University and the Director of National Economy Intitute.
In 1978 he was imprisoned in Pul-e-Charkhi Jail and in 1982 after he was freed went to Germany.
In Germany he served as a professor in Ruhr University, and was the coordinator of Afghanistan's Archive in the named University.
After the fall of Taliban regime he was appointed as the Minister of Reconstruction on December 22nd, 2001.
He has many economic, social and Political articles in Afghan and International publications. He Knows Dari, Pashto, French, English and German.

Minister of Women’s Affairs     Doctor Masooda Jalal

Doctor Masooda Jalal daughter of Alhaj Tellah Mohammad was born in Gulbahar of Kapisa district in a middle-class and educated family. She infact hails from Khesatk of Jerm of Badakhshan, she has studied primary and secondary school in Gulbahar High School. In 1361 graduated from Rabia-e-Balkhi High School and joined medical college the same year. She earned her degree from Kabul medical institute in 1367. In 1368 she started her service as an ear doctor for Maiwand Hospital and then was apponted in mental health Hospital. From 1372-1375 she was the women's right Director in a Women's Organization, then she was a member of the children's Department of Kabul Medical Institute, and served as a doctor in Ataturk Hospital. In 1375 she worked for UNHCR and afterwards, she was the health advisor of WFP and also a Natioanl Program officer with that organization.

Minister of Border Affairs   Abdul karim Barahawi  

Abdul Karim Barahawi son of Mohammad Mobin was born in pedehgee of Chahar Burjak district of Neemroz in 1334. In 1341 he got admission in the primary school of their district, and graduated from cadet school in 1352. Then he got admission in the cadet college, he got his degree in 1355 in the field of weapons technique, after graduation he served in corps number 7 of Reeshkhor. In Dalwe of 1357, after the soviet invasion, he left his service and joined Jihad against them.
He fought the holy war for 14 years and served as the commander of Mujahiddin in Neemroz province. After the Islamic revolution he was appointed as the governor of Neemroz and the commander of the fourth border's brigade. During the reign of Taliban he led the resistance front against Taliban in that province, after the incident of September 11th he defeated Taliban and that province and was again appointed as the governor of the province and commander of 4th brigade. Now his military rank is lieutenant general and is the governor of Neemroz province.

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Minister of Mines and Industry     Mir Mohammad Sediq    

Mir Mohammad Sediq son of Mir Ghulam Sakhi was born on December 20th, 1945 in Sheikhan of Mirbacha Kot district of Kabul. After the primary and secondary education in 1971 he earned bachelors in engineering from an American University in the US and then earned PhD from the same University. He speaks Dari, Pashto, English and Urdu. He is a member of American Engineers Unity and has served in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, Puerto Rico and the US.
From 1975 to now he has been working in the engineering field.

Minister of Energy     Alhaj Mohammad Ismael 

Alhaj Mohmmad Ismael son of Haji Mohammad Aslam, born in 1327 in Naser Abad village of Shindand district of Herat, has done his primary education in Waez Kashifi high School. In 1339 he was admitted to the sixth grade of Cadet School and earned the degree of his higher education from Cadet University in 1349. He joined the division no. 17 of national army in Herat and started Jihad as the division revolted.
He was serving as Ameer of South western parts of the country in 1360.
In 1369 after the formation of interim government he acquired the military rank of a General and was appointed as the governor and commander of corps number 4 of Heart province.
In 1376 he was detained by the Taliban and spent three years in their jail, after the fall of Taliban he was again appointed as the governor of Herat and commander of the corps number 6.
Ismael Khan knows Dari, Pashto and English.

Minister of Commerce   Hidayat Amin Arsala

Hidayat Amin Arsala was born in Kabul on Jan, 12, 1942. After getting his high school diploma and he continued his education to PhD in the field of Economics in USA.
In the year 1969 he stated his professional career at the World Bank Youth Professional Program and served on different positions with the WB and in the year 1987 he left the World Bank and joined the Afghan resistance against the Red Army in Afghanistan and served as Senior Advisor and member of the Afghan Mujahideen Unity Council and was also an active member of the resistance against the Red Army till 1989.
From 1989 to 1992 he was serving as the Minister of Finance of the Transitional Government of Afghanistan outside Afghanistan. And in year 1993 he was appointed as the Foreign Minister of Afghanistan.
Mr. Arsala has worked for peace during civil war dark period of Afghanistan and as well in the reign of Taliban.
Mr. Arsala is also one of the pioneers of calling for the Loya Jirga in Afghanistan and in 1998 he was the member of Executive Council of Afghan Loya Jirga representing the Ex-Afghan King Zaher Shah, the Father of the Nation.
Mr. Arsala, from November to December 2001, has also had a major role in convening the Bonn conference resulting in the establishment of the Afghan Interim Administration and served as Vice Chairman and Finance Minister of this Administration.
After the Emergency Loya Jirga in 2002, he served as the Vice President of the Transitional Islamic State of Afghanistan and as well as the Chairman of the Independent Civil Services and Administrative Reform Commission and advisor to the Central Statistics Office of Afghanistan, the Afghan Economical Cooperation Committee and member of the National Security Council of Afghanistan.

He has had many official trips outside Afghanistan representing the Afghan Government.
Mr. Arsala is married and has 3 children.

Minister of Anti-Narcotics     Engineer Habibullah Qaderi  

Eng. Habibullah Qaderi sonof Haji Ahmad Qaderi graduated from Ahmad Shah Baba High School in Kandahar, and has earned degree in mechanical engineering from India.
Since 2002 he has served as the head advisor of the Ministry of Refugees' Affairs, and a member of the tri-lateral commission of Afghanistan, Iran and the UN, he has also been the director of the councils of advisory groups of returnees and displaced people. He has worked for a period of 12 years with UNHCR and was a lecturer at Nebraska University, he was the in charge teacher of TOEFL test and has also served as an engineer in a Pakistani company in Karachi

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National Security Adviser   Dr. Zalmai Rasool

Dr. Zalmai Rasool son of Professor Dr. Abdul Qayoom Rasool was born in 1323 in Kabul. He has studied primary and secondary school in Estiqlal High School and has Doctorate in Medical from Paris, France.
His significant contributions are: serving as a Doctor in Research Institute of Cardiac Diseases in Paris, in charge of Haqiqat e Afghan Publication regarding Jihad in Afghanistan in Paris, Doctor in the Military Hospital of Saudi Arabia, Chief of the staff of H.M Father of the Nation Mohammad Zahir in Rome, Minister of Civil Aviation and Tourism during the interim government and National Security Advisor of Afghanistan.
He can speak Pashto, Dari, English, French, Italian and Arabic. He has 30 medical books and booklets of medical in the publications of Europe and the US and is a member of Nephrology of the US.

Minister of Transport   Dr. Enayatullah Qasemi  

Dr. Enayatullah Qasemi son of Ahmad Ali Qasemi was born in Kabul. He has done his primary education in Karteh Lagaan School of Lashkargah city of Helmand province and graduated from Lornswel School of New Jersey in the US in 1996. Then he has earned his Bachelors in economics from Bord University in the US. In 2001 he received his masters in Management and Commerce from Baltimore University of the US. He also earned his PhD in law from law faculty of Mary Land University the same year. Enayatullah Qasemi has done his secondary education, religious studies and language privately in Pakistan. During his studies, he ahs worked with some organizations like IRC and Nebraska University. He was also a law and fiscal and economical agreement's advocate in Baltimore city of the US, in legal affairs worked in the International Non-profit Law center of Washington and in the end as a Minister Advisor in law affairs and IR of ITS of Afghanistan.

Minister of  Foreign Affiars   Dr. Abdullah Abdullah   Not elected again

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah son of Ghulam Mahy-yod- Din Zmaryalay (senator of the last period of Parliament) was born on Mizan 15th, 1339 (1960) in a religious family in Kabul. His primary education was in Mohd. Ayob Khan School and graduated from Naderia High School in 1355 (1976). He joined the medical faculty in 1356 and earned his degree in 1362. He was at service in Noor hospital as an eye Doctor until 1363. He immigrated to Pakistan in 1363 and worked at Syed jamal-ud-Din Hospital. In 1364 he joined the fronts of Jihad and served as the health in charge of Panjsher front and afterwards as an advisor to Ahmad Shah Masood until Kabul was freed. From 1992 to 1996 he was the Chief of the staff and spokesman for the Defense Ministry. In 1997 he was the deputy foreign minister. In 1999 he was the acting foreign minister. After the fall of Taliban in 2001, he was the foreign minister during interim and transitional periods. He is married and has three daughters and one son. He is convenient with Dari, Pashto and English he also knows Arabic and French.

Minister of Refugees    Dr. Mohammmad Azam Dadfar

Dr. Mohammad Azam Dadfar son of Haji Baba Jan Khan was born in 1325 in Indkhoy. He graduated from Ghazi School in Kabul, and earned his degree in medical in 1352 from Kabul Medical Faculty. From 1352 to 1357 he served at the Kabul University as a lecturer.
In Qaus of 1357 after the 7th Saur Coup he was imprisoned in Pul-e-Charkhi Jail, in Jawza, 1359 he migrated to Pakistan and became an executive member of Doctors' Union in Peshawar. In 1360 he went to Germany and worked their as a Doctor.
In 1364 he returned back to Peshawar and worked at the treatment and research center of mental disorders for Afghans in Peshawar. From 1375 to 1377 he was pursuing advanced course for certificate in Petersburg of Germany. Dadfar speaks Pashto, Persian, Uzbek, German and English and also knows a little Turkish.

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Minister of Communication    AmirZai Sangeen

Amir Zai Sangeen s/o Amir Gul Gul Shah Khail was born in Urgoon district of Paktika. He is married and has one daughter and three sons.
His primary education was in Urgoon and secondary in Gardez (Paktia). Then he graduated from the 12th grade of Communication Training Center. In 1972 he earned degree in Electronics and Communication from Southern London University of the UK.
He started his professional career as a teacher in Communication Training Center. From 1978 to 1980 he was the director of the named center. He migrated in 1980 and went to Sweden. He learned the Swedish Language in four Months.
He joined the working groups of that country in a short time and was one of the founding members of Swedish Committee in Afghanistan. He actively participated in development of Swedish Committee for Afghanistan; the named organization had an outstanding role in promoting education, Agriculture and health in Afghanistan throughout the past 25 years.
Ameerzai Sangeen was employed in the Communications of Sweden in 1982 and served as a team member of the communication project of Shah Khalid in Saudi Arabia.
Mr. Sangeen repatriated after the 11th September incident. After his repatriation his activities have been as follows:
· Holding Training Seminars for the Engineers of Ministry of Communication and Afghan Wireless Company
· Leading of the Supervising Committee of GSM license of 2000
· Senior Advisor to the Minister of Communication from February 2003.
Mr. Sangeen was appointed as the Director of Afghan TeleCom in July, 2004 and had an effective role in formation of the company, approval of the statute; follow up of the communications projects.
He was also in charge of the creating a structure for Afghan TeleCom and interconnection and developed some new procedures in this field.

Minister of Finance     Professor Dr. Anwaar-ul-Haq Ahadi

Professor Doctor Anwaar-ul-Haq Ahadi son of Abdul Haqhas earned his Bachelors and Masters Degrees from the American University of Berut in Lebanon in Economics and Political Sciences; he has also earned a professional Masters degree in Fiscal Affairs and Management from the post-graduate faculty of North Western University and has then earned PHD in the field of Political Sciences from the named University. Dr. Anwaar-ul Haq Ahadi has served as assistant professor of political sciences in Carlton University of the US, from 1985-1987 as the banking director of Continental Elona of Chicago, from 1987 to 2002 as professor of political sciences in Providence University, and from 2002 up to now as the Director of Da Afghanistan Bank (Central Bank of Afghanistan). He has many writings in academic journals, books and popular dailies of the US.

Minister of  Social and Labour   Sayed Ikramuddin Masoomi

Sayed Ikramuddin Masoomi s/o Sayed Masoom was born in 1332 in Ashkmash district of Takhar. After graduation from Teahcer's Training Faculty in Kunduz he earned Bachelors in Science from Kabul University.
He has worked as the Director of enterprises of Finance ministry, deputy finance minister and Governor of Takhar and Badakhshan Provinces.


Minister of Education     Noor Mohammad Qarqeen
Noor Mohammad Qarqeen s/o Haji Mohammad Qul was born in 1332 in Tepa of Qarqeen district of Jozjan.
After the completion of primary school in Qarqeen he was admitted to Habibia High School in Kabul. He got admission at law Faculty of Kabul University in 1351 from where he earned his Bachelors Degree.
In 1357 he started to serve in the ministry of Education as a member of Uzbek and Turkmen Department. He has also worked as the Director of Silo of Balkh and Director of gas of Hairatan.
He migrated to Pakistan after the Coup of Saur 7th and took part in Jihad against Soviet Union.
He was a member of Loya Jirgas and National Councils during different Periods.
In 1380 he was appointed as a member of the cabinet of the interim government and was appointed as the minister of labor and social affairs.
He resigned from his post on 7th September of 2004 and was the director of electoral campaign of H.E Hamid Karzai.

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Minister of  Haj and Islamic Affiars     Nematullah Shahraani  

Nematullah Shahraani s/o Ebadullah Shahraani was bron in Jerm district of Badakhshsan in a religious family.
He completed his primary education at the schools of Badakhshan and then got admission in Abu Hanifa religious School and graduated from the named school in 1339. He was admitted to Faculty of Islamic Studies of Kabul University in the same year.
And after earning Bachelors degree in 1343 he joined the university as a member of teaching committee.
In 1346 he went to Egypt and earned masters degree from Al-Azhar University of that country and returned home in 1349.
He again continued his services as a lecturer at the University and Chief Editor of Sharayat Magazine.
In 1355 he went to the United States and studied law in George Washington University for a year and a half.
He also went to the UK for 15 days on a research trip and observed the courts, police stations, attorney's office, Law Institutes and Centers.
After the Saur Coup in Afghanistan he was imprisoned for some time and went to Pakistan after he was released.
He has worked in some popular magazines of the country (like Payam e Haq, Alfalah, Qaza, Urfaan, Zhwandoon and khwonkey) and dailies like Anees, Islaah, Badakhshan, before he migrated to Pakistan. The he had two volumes entitled as Quran Shenaasy (knowing the holy Quran) and Feqeh Islami Wa Qanoon e Gharb.
The total number of articles he has written is 1500.
He was given the academic title of Professor for his hard work.
He knows Pashto, Dari, Uzbek, Arabic and English, and has delivered speeches in English and Arabic in many conferences.
After the emergency Loya Jirga he was appointed as the vice president of Transitional Government.
He was also the director of the Drafting Commission of the constitution.

Minister of Rural Development     Haneef Atmar  


No further information available

Minister of Foreign Affairs     Dr. Rangin Dadfar Spanta
Foreign Minister Dr. Rangin Dadfar Spanta was born in the Karokh district of Herat Province in 1954.
A family of wealthy landowners, his father was elected to Afghanistan's National Assembly in the 1960s during the reign of King Mohammad Zaher Shah.  Dr. Spanta finished his primary and secondary schooling in Herat before enrolling at Kabul University, and left for Turkey to advance his studies in 1976.

After the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, Dr. Spanta traveled to Iran, joining Afghanistan's resistance
movement and becoming involved in the publication "Sada-ye Afghanistan" (Voice of Afghanistan). 
From Iran, he traveled to Pakistan, continuing his resistance activities there. 

Dr. Spanta settled in West Germany in 1982.  In 1991, he earned a doctorate from Aachen University, and was a professor there for the next 13 years. He was also director of the university's Third World Studies
Institute. Aside from academics, Dr. Spanta also served as a spokesperson for the Alliance for Democracy
in Afghanistan and was active in Germany's Green Party.

In January 2005, Dr. Spanta returned to teach at Kabul University, and later became Senior Advisor on International Affairs to H.E. President Hamid Karzai.  The President nominated him as Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Parliament approved on April 20, 2006.  Dr. Spanta was sworn in by President Karzai on May 2, 2006.

Minister of Urban Development     Yusuf Pashtun


No further information available

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